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A Brief Insight About IELTS Coaching

Planning your future abroad, but stressed about the language exam? There’s no doubt that linguistic skills are what makes a person authoritative and excel in their career. Improving your english enhances your chances towards coming out on top, when you are:

  • Preparing for higher education
  • Prepping for your dream job
  • Moving up the career ladder
  • Migrating to a country of your choice

What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to assess the English proficiency skills of a candidate. With over 2 million applicants every year, this test has certainly gained more recognition and therefore is accepted by countries and universities all across the world. It has been termed as the solitary language dexterity examination.

Increasing your chances of getting a better position in your career in a multinational corporation, this test improves your english soft skills in conventional life. This test evaluates your skills in listening, reading, writing, and speaking sections. With the results having a high degree of accuracy in gauging the command of English, more than 10,000 colleges and universities surpassing 150 countries approve this exam.

Who Should Take The IELTS Test?

This test is intended for anyone and everyone who wishes to pursue their further studies or migrate for job prospects in any English speaking country. This test has been mandated by governments and universities all across the world, as it is the most trusted linguistic competence assessment exam.

Specifically if you are planning to pursue your higher education in countries like Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and USA, it has been made a requisite to score an overall band score of 6 with no less than 6 in each module. However, the band scoring can range according to different colleges and course types.

Types of IELTS

There are basically two test types of IELTS, academic and general IELTS. You can choose either one based on your requirements. The basic difference lies in the test format.

  • The IELTS General Training test is for those who plan on going abroad for work or training purposes or want to pursue a below degree level program. In this, you are supposed to write a letter or an email in your task 1 of the writing module.
  • The IELTS Academic test is for the students who are aiming to pursue their graduation or post graduation in anglophone countries. In the academic writing test, the candidate has to write about the pictorial representation in around 150 words.